Plant City Airport (KPCM)

  • FAA Identifier: PCM - Plant City Airport
  • Hours of operation: 7am - 7pm (after-hours services available upon request)
  • 3950x75 ft runway (10-28) with 2-light PAPI and REILs - Pilot Controlled Lighting

Visitor Reviews from AIRNAV

Plant City is a great SNF stop. We stopped there in order to wait out the airshow TFR before arriving into Lakeland. Service was prompt and friendly, and someone was always willing to give you a ride to your airplane so you didn't have to walk. Quick fueling even with the large amount of airplanes! Stan and Martin were also very gracious hosts of Cub Convoy 2011. Even though attendance was poor due to the bad weather, they went out of their way to make participants feel welcomed. Definitely a stop to consider!

- Amy Gesch - April, 2011

Parked my Baron for the entire week during Sun-N-Fun 2011 just to avoid the ridiculous fuel prices and parking fees at Columbia Air Services at LAL. VERY pleased with the service (they began fueling the airplane before I could get the luggage unloaded). Absolutely no issues with fuel, tie-down, rental car, etc. This is a FIRST CLASS operation, and I will absolutely return to PCM for SNF next year.

- Chip Allen - April, 2011

Landing at KPCM

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